Bitlife All 30 Ribbon’s Guide

Bitlife Ribbon Guide:- Get The Detail Guide on How to Get All 30 Bitlife Ribbon with Video Tutorials and Key Features.

Ribbons are like a reward in Bitlife, you will get rewards based on how you spend your virtual life in Bitlife, 

How to Get All 30 Ribbons in Bitlife

For example, if you do any of the jobs of Bitlife Highest Paying Jobs, then you can get rich easily and you will get rich ribbon easily.

In this way, you have to separate a few things to get each ribbon so that you get the same ribbon that you get the ribbon that you wanted

In this way, you have to separate a few things to get each ribbon so that you get the same ribbon that you get the ribbon that you wanted

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So in this Bitlife Ribbon Guide, I have covered some things that you have done through which you can easily find your choice of ribbon, just you have to keep in mind what I have said.

You will know so much through this that what you have to take care of so that you miss the chance to get the ribbon that you are going to get.

In Bitlife you may have to face some such situation which will be like real life where if you make any mistake then the result will be negative.

So you should try to do the same things by staying in discipline and for the right result so that you can aim. Which is Bitlife Ribbon.

So let’s know all the ribbons one by one and their key features.

Bitlife All 30 Ribbons Guide

WasteFul Ribbon

You will get this ribbon very easy, just you will have to spend a boring and useless life, if you wish, you will end your life at any time. So that you will get your first ribbon in Bitlife.

This ribbon only means that you have to waste your life,  

It is so strange that you get rewards by wasting your life too

You don’t have to do anything special to get a Wasteful Ribbon, just finish your life on your own

Famous Ribbon

Hmm.! You have to be a bit lucky for this ribbon. It is known by the famous name that you can work very hard to get a Famous Ribbon. With hard work, if you are a bit lucky then you will get this ribbon. 

Many times this ribbon is available even with a simple writer, just you have to keep in mind that you keep your fame.

And to keep the fame you can follow the below-given things.

  • You have to join social media
  • You have to keep updating your social media accounts daily.
  • If you want, you can also promote yourself on TV
  • You can also have a photoshoot done with it.

With which your fame will also be maintained and you will also get Bitlife Famous Ribbon.

Academic Ribbon

You may have to work a little harder to get the academic ribbon. And by hard work, I mean that you have to study diligently from elementary school time.

And the more you study, the better for you as you will graduate after school and then the higher you study after that. You will also find it easier to get this ribbon.

To get the academic ribbon, you can follow the steps given below.

  • Click on the Study Hard button as many times as you can.
  • Once you have studied your school, then you must study further and get a higher education

Mediocre Ribbon

If you spend your life being boring and submissive, then you will not have to do anything to get this ribbon. Just you try to ignore everything and someone says anything but you should not make any difference.

All you have to do is live your life.

Unlucky Ribbon

As the name suggests, you have to be Unlucky to get this ribbon. The unlucky ribbon is given to you when you are dead at work age due to some illness. If you join the military,

Then you have to go on a mini-mission and you are dead.

  • So to get this ribbon, you can follow the key features given below.
  • So the first thing you can do is to die due to some disease.
  • You can get it even if you die in a road accident

And what you can do is that you can join the military after school and just wait to go on a mission.

Rich Ribbon

Bitlife is a ribbon that does not want to be, whether in real life or in Bitlife. So to get a rich ribbon, you try that your net worth is above 1 million.

And you can easily do one of Bitlife’s Highest Paying Jobs and make money and if you still don’t know which jobs you have to do, then I have written a separate post for that. Where I have told about Bitlife’s Highest Paying Career.

Scandalous Ribbon

To get this ribbon you have to be a bastard who always fights with someone or something, or sometimes you have to do some things that will cause you to go to jail.

And if you want, you can also murder someone so that you can easily go to jail, then you will get Scandalous Ribbon easily.

So the things you have to keep in mind to get this ribbon is.

  • Try and fight as much as you can.
  • If you get a chance, you can also kill someone so that you can go to jail.
  • You can also supply drugs to go to jail.

Successful Ribbon

I know everybody would like to become a successful man in their life. But only a few of you will be able to become successful. So in order to become successful in your life, you have to do a little hard work and you have to keep working with your business.

To become a successful man, you also have to live like the rich.

So how can you get this ribbon

  • The first thing you have to do is to do a good job.
  • Then you should use the money you received from the job as an investment.

Try to have a good relationship with everyone in the family and you can also give them some gifts.

Fertile Ribbon

So the best way to be awarded the fertile ribbon. You don’t have to do anything other than have more children in your life. You create so many children that people know you because of your child.

And when you have about 4 to 5 children, just spend your life in a simple way so that you can get a ribbon of fertile.

  • You should produce at least 4 children and keep them happy.
  • And also keep in mind that you do not get any other achievement in your life.

Hero Ribbon

Getting this ribbon can be lucky for some people and maybe a major for some people kamagra kaufen schweiz. So what you have to do is to try that if someone is stuck in a problem, then you can help him and get him out of that problem.

You can help anyone, even if it is a human being, if an animal is in that problem, then you have to help him so that you can get the hero ribbon.

There are some things you can do to get a little closer to getting this ribbon.

You try to help the trapped people in the problem without any benefit

And whether you can join the army or military, you can sacrifice yourself for the country and become a hero for the people of your country.

Jailbird Ribbon

So the meaning of the name of this ribbon is also very clear, so to be honored with this reward, you only have to try that you spend all your life inside the prison and if possible, die in the jail.

And you have to take care of one thing that you do not have to kill someone to go to jail, you commit some minor crime so that you can go to jail again and again.

And to avoid getting the Scandalous ribbon, you have to try not to kill anyone.

Lazy Ribbon

The easiest ribbons of bit life after Wasteful ribbon is the lazy ones as the name suggests that you just have to click on the age button and you will have to live life without any achievement.

According to me, you should only live such a life once so that you can get a linseed ribbon and nothing else.

You have to keep in mind that you do not have to do any other work nor achieve any achievement.

Wicked Ribbon

To get this ribbon, you have to have threesomes with your partner as many times as possible. And to avoid getting the lustful ribbon, you try to have a threesome with one or only partner and whenever you get a chance to cheat your partner, 

To avoid getting a lustful ribbon, you have to try

  • You have to try and avoid the one night
  • You try threesome with limited peers.

Loaded Ribbon

You have to be a successful man to get a loaded ribbon. And you have to earn more and more money to achieve this achievement. Once you have earned about 10 lakh rupees,

Then try not to do anything that you deviate from the way of getting the loaded ribbon, then try to focus on just earning money.

Lustful Ribbon

So it is not so difficult to get this ribbon, all you have to do is to have more sex in your life and do it with different people. And if you are good looking then this is a plus point for you.

As I have said earlier, if you want to get only one ribbon, then try to do what you can to help you get that ribbon. Otherwise, you might get another ribbon.

Mooch Ribbon

Have you ever seen such people who always cry on small things and always ask for money from everyone, if yes, then you will have to do at least nothing to get this ribbon?.

To get this ribbon, just keep asking money from all your family people every year and there is no need to do anything. to get rewarded with Mooch Ribbon.

Rowdy Ribbon

The first thing that you have to keep in mind to become a rowdy is that you have to be a party freak and have parties everywhere like a house party and if possible, start going to clubs.

And whenever you go to a club or party and if you have a fight with someone, then you try to settle the fight only by talking, why if you beat up then you may not get the Rowdy Ribbon.

Thief Ribbon

Now you have to steal to get an achievement and that too without getting caught by the police. The maximum number of thievery and robbery you will do, it will be right for you and you always have to try to avoid going to jail,

if you are ever caught, then by arranging for the biggest lawyer for you, you have to go to jail. Only then will you get the title of a thief

You just have to avoid going to jail and try to steal as much as possible.


To get a Geriatric Ribbon, you have to live more than 100 years and you have nothing to do for these 100 years, just earn a little money and spread your life in peace.

Because if you did something else then you can get this ribbon, Miss, even the golden opportunity to get it. So you try to keep only a simple lifestyle.

The longer you live, the easier it will be for you.

High Roller Ribbon

To get this ribbon you have to go to the casino daily and win as much money as you can. This is what you have to do, you have to “earn money through casino horse races and gambling”, that too every year.

Stupid Ribbon

So to become Stupid, you also have to do Stupid things like you can leave school in the middle of your studies. And you can get the achievement of Stupid only if you do nothing to increase your knowledge.

Try to always make useless decisions as if you forget to wear a condom while having sex. But you are still not sure if you get a Stupid Ribbon.

Deadly Ribbon

You will have to commit more and more killings throughout your life to become dangerous. Do not do anything wrong for which you get jailbird or scandalous ribbon.

Family Guy

To become a family man, you have to do everything that a leader does as if you have to keep all the family members happy. And you also have to become a good Bitzen and successful man.

To make your family happy you can give them money to take to the movie and sometimes take them out for a walk to spend time with them and then you will get a family ribbon.

Cunning Ribbon

If you have the courage to go to jail and run away from it and never get caught again, you can easily find the Cunning ribbon and you can change your gender to avoid getting caught or you can go to a country Can move to another country.

But at times while leaving the country, it is possible that you can be caught by the police and will be put in jail again.

Cat Lady Ribbon

According to me, these ribbons are very easy for girls and for those who like to have cats, so why do you have to raise as many cats as you can in your life to get this ribbon and always it Also try to be happy and never run away from your house.

Addict Ribbon

To get an addicted ribbon, you have to get into the habit of a narcotic and die with the same habit. You can also use drugs, alcohol or cocaine so that you die quickly and you get this ribbon.

Globetrotter Ribbon

So you have to emigrate to as many countries as possible to get the Globeterer ribbon. Or you will have to do a small job from where you can earn only a little bit of money and go on holiday and vacation every year.

By doing this you will avoid getting the loaded ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon

To get this ribbon you have to do the opposite of the Kuning ribbon. By contrast, I mean that you have to try and go to jail bay as many times as possible and then run away from it.


I hope you guys have found your favorite ribbon. And if you haven’t found it yet, you can easily find that ribbon by following our guide.

Just keep in mind that you only do the things that are helpful to get that ribbon. If you do not do this, then, in the end, you may get another ribbon.

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