Bitlife Office Update GUIDE Co-Workers, Supervisor, HR

Bitlife Office Update:- Let’s Explore New Office Spaces with Co-Workers Like Pranking & Hook UP’s. Complaint Troublemakers to Your HR

So finally a New Update of BitLife has arrived, for which we all were eagerly waiting for BitLife Office Update Yes, BitLife has made many minor changes in its Bitlife version 1.26 which is the biggest.

You will get to see many new and fun things after school updates and like last time.

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And today we will talk about this new Bitlife Office Update and will see what you can do while staying in the office of BitLife.

However, in this update, BitLife has proved once again or that when they give any new update, they never disappoint their user, whether it is a small update or a big one.

The first change made by the developers of BitLife is that you will remember the logo in its logo. When the school update of BitLife came, he put the graduation cap in it.

And at the same time, to look at the office, they have employed some workers as people.

And after that when you look inside the game, you have not made any changes in its user interface, just that after the completion of Halloween Week, the BitLife Dark Mode has been removed and made simple.

And if you talk about when you complete your studies and do a job, you see newly added features in the office of BitLife.

Such as interaction with co-workers, complaining about HR to Others and much more. We will go into detail about this further.

Bitlife Office UPdate Interface

As I told you above, only a few small changes have been made in the interface, such as if you now download BitLife from the Apple store, you will see that some co-workers in the logo of BitLife.

And if you talk about the interface inside, then you must have seen the Dark Mode at the time of Halloween Week which has now been removed and a simple interface has been kept as before.

Bitlife Office Update Co-Workers Interaction

When you join an office in BitLife, you will get to see and do a lot of new things, like you can ask your workers for a date,

Bitlife Office Update

Or you can also complement them with it. If you like a worker, you can also hook up with her.

If you want, you can also convince your supervisors for promotion, so that you get a promotion soon.

Or if you are a fun-loving person, you can also spread rumors among your co-workers and can scare people by pranking them.

Report Someone to HR in Bitlife

In this update, they have added a feature that is somewhat like LavuSuit where you can complain to your HR about any of your co-workers and get them removed from the office and if you too make a mistake If you do.

Then your HR can also exclude you from the office.

Re-Join Office After Getting Fired

So if you were fired. If you go, you have to request your supervisor again or have any other demand or are you going to start working in the same company again

If someone has complained to the office staff and got you fired, then you can get that job again by requesting your supervisor.

Bitlife Office Update

Your House Now Have Itโ€™s Street Address

Now you can see the street address of your new house which is not there yet and if you live in a VIP place then you can also show off by telling your street address in front of your Bitlife Co-workers who That most people do in life.

So if your house is in some Rahis area, then you can easily show off the street address of your house in front of the people of your office.

Renovate Your Bitlife Houses

I know it is not related to this update but BitLife has given Bitizen another option to spend money unnecessarily.

So as you know, earlier you could only buy real estate property, but now you can maintain it, And now you can renovate your house and renovate your house according to your needs.

Sell Your Properties in New Way

If you have read the patch note of the update, then you would know that this time the process of selling your valuable property is different and the developers have also changed a bit process little bit.

Although we do not know yet or how the process will be, we will tell you as soon as we know.


So the simplicity you will get to see in this update is that just Bitlife office and it’s under you get the option to interact with your co-workers and prank with them.

Now there is so much to tell about the update, if something happens like how you can be popular in the office or other things, then I will keep you updated through this blog

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