Bitlife mod Apk Download iOS : Life Simulator Updated.

Bitlife mod Apk Download iOS : Life Simulator Updated.

Bitlife mod Apk Download ios

As the iOS version of the game was released months prior to the Android version, and the developers of the game are native to iOS when it comes to programming.

The Android version currently lacks numerous features of iOS, such as continuing on as a character’s child after death, military deployments, and custom cities.

Despite the differences, iOS and Android typically receive updates at the same frequency, and as such most new features are added to iOS first, and then Android later on.

Bitlife mod Apk Download iOS : Life Simulator Updates

We’re back like school, Bitizens! Our heads are spinning over here from all of the new content in this update. Adding 450 new scenarios to the game involved a ton of writing and editing that has kept us busy since we saw you last. Next up is the School Update.

Here’s the full list of new things in this update:

• Hundreds of new scenarios including situations specific to every career

• Start collecting all of the careers in the game!

• All-new “performance” scores for full-time jobs and the military

• Retirement plans for deserved employees

• Adjust the hours you put in at work or watch your bosses try to adjust them for you!

• Intelligence test mini-game!

• Interface improvements

• A lot more textual content

• Tons of bugs squashed

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