Bitlife Halloween UPDATE, Haunted House, Ghosts

Bitlife Halloween Update:- For non-believers of any souls unaware, The BitLife Haunted Update is Here with Haunted Houses Ghosts & Dark.

Bitlife Halloween UPDATE:- As you all know, CandyWriter has given a huge and surprise gift to Bitlife’s iOS users by giving Bitlife Halloween updates on auspicious occasions like Halloween.

And if you don’t know what changes have been made in the bitlife surprise update, then there is nothing to worry about because in today’s post,

We will find out what changes Candywriter has made to make Bitlife a Scary and Haunted

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Among the things that have been added to make this update of Bitlife terrifying according to Halloween Week are the first of the Haunted Houses on Bitlife Halloween Update

Where you can see some ghosts and with this, you can get different types of ghosts like some many Will to be friendly and some evil kind

So in this update, you can get to see a lot of new things as you can now enjoy bitlife dark mode even without bitzen membership.

Along with this, some new cities have also been added in this Bitlife Halloween Update, so wherever you are, you will get to see that city in Bitlife.

And if you want, you can relocate very easily from one city to another and stay in the city of your choice.

Now without any further delay let us know in detail what changes have been made and how.

Bitlife Halloween Update Interface Surprise

If you have installed the latest version of Bitlife, then you will know that the logo of Bitlife has now applied animation of ghosts which make it scary from outside.

After this, when you start the game, you get the dark version of Bitlife, which was given only to those who are Bitzen memberships,

But now it is for everyone, which makes Bitlife even Haunted from the inside

And now you can wear many new costumes for Halloween like you can become a mummy and you can also become a ghost and as in Halloween.

You can also collect candies and share your family and friends with You can eat it yourself if you want.

I eat all the candies alone, you can tell me by commenting on youtube videos that you say or share all the candies yourself.

Bitlife Haunted Houses

For me, what makes Bitlife the scariest is the Bitlife Haunted House.

This is because anything can happen to you in the haunted houses of Bitlife like you may be doing your daily work and suddenly a ghost appears

And if you are not afraid of this too then, what will you do when a ghost kills your children?

In this update of Bitlife, this is the most dangerous update, where you should check before buying any type of house that there are no ghosts in that house.

If you want to buy the haunted house of Bitlife, then by clicking on the Assets button, you can buy the house which is the most Haunted of those available for purchase and then enjoy the ghost activities.

If you have a small child, then if you do not take Haunted House it would be more right because you do not know when the ghost will kill your children.

Bitlife Halloween Update Familiar Spirits

You may find this a bit strange, but not all the ghosts of Bitlife are frightening or dangerous. Bitlife will find some very friendly ghosts.

On the other hand, you will also get some souls that will not be friendly with you at all and can also harm you.

Whatever be the ghost, good or bad, but we should stay away from them and they are good for us 

I know many times when you will start a new life, you will want to choose your city but in the earlier updates of Bitlife, many new cities have been added.

So that you can choose your city from which you are playing the game.

  • Czech Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Monaco
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Syria


So now you know what candy writer has added in this horror update such as Haunted houses, Halloween, ghosts and dark mode with new cities,

which I liked very much. What did you like in this update, you can tell me by sharing this post on your social media and you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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