Bitlife Mod APK Download Android: Life Simulator Updated

Bitlife Mod APK Download Android  Life Simulator  Is a totally text-based video game developed by way of Switzerland primarily based agency Candywriter LLC. in 2018.

Bitlife Android Download

The subjective of the Bitlife App Life Simulator is to stay a virtual lifestyle without any difficulties and struggles, depicted with cartoons and funny scenarios.

It most become ranked app on the Google Play Store, as well as at the apple app save.


Bitizens — This is just a quick fix to plumb in some missing behind-the-scenes
items and a few surface items.


UPDATENovember 02, 2020
CONTENT RATINGContent Rating for 16+ SEX

How to install Bitlife Mod APK Download Android?

installation process for Bitlife Mod APK

  • Make sure to Enabled Unknown sources
  • Click on Install
  • Open The APP.
  • Start using all modded features.

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Bitlife Parent Reviews

Damm Good

August 19, 2019

The game is damn good. This is an almost epic life simulating game. Really loved how the different characters play out in your life. I have a few suggestions though, which would make it the greatest life simulating game ever created. 1. I like how each year, the world has some issues, events , etc.

-Ankur SB


August 19, 2019

I actually have an idea for the game, ik this is totally up to u and all but– I think it would be awesome if we could have a option for if we want to, make a character- we can pick the stats, the hair color, the eye color, the skin tone, also- I was thinking of having a twins, triplets, type update.

-Layla Charpenter

Great Fun

August 20, 2019

Generally great fun, but I have a few suggestions for possible added features. 1. Pensions / Social Security for when you retire, since currently you don’t actually get any money for retirement and have to live off savings. 2. The ability to move to a different city without emigrating from the count.